Surface lining…

The coated surface is the ultimate expression of the personal taste and the specificity that each of us needs to impress in everyday places. So if you want to get away from this, you want to change the image you see every day, you want to compose your space according to your personal taste, you have to choose your own surface!

Choose from a variety of designs or suggest your own design, even your own photo, so that the surface of your kitchen or wardrobe has the unique surface you have chosen. We will prepare the design you choose, customize it based on the dimensions of your furniture, print it on high quality, sharpness and durability material, use and cleaners that you will use to clean the surfaces, we will place it And we’ll hand you the door ready!

Contact us using the contact form and tell us what you would like. We will get in touch with you to see the details and let you know about the time and cost needed to complete this job.

Indicatively, you can see here plans that can be used for such cases but even ideas implemented.