Our company has successfully completed the 8 years since its inception. No matter how hazardousness it is, it was no coincidence that we started at a time with the most pessimistic messages from the market. We heard the messages and noticed the signs of the times. We study the needs of the market. And everything got us to one and only solution: the best quality of materials and construction should be combined with as low a cost as possible. That’s where we aimed and we did!

So, once we have prepared, we present a fairly complete range of ready-made boxes to make the kitchen you want and the wardrobe you need. We are here to serve you and answer your every single question. Why, we are confident about what we offer !!!

Quality of materials 100%
Relationship of quality-cost 100%
Service 100%
Variety 95%

Store Address: N. Kazantzakh 6, Menemeni, 54628, Thessaloniki

Phone: +30 2310 511 000, +30 6937 217 167